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Andy – Company Executive, Chicago

Ms. Noguchi has been an amazing help for my Japanese learning and understanding. I’ve been struggling for the better part of 20 years to find a good way to step up my Japanese reading, writing, and speaking skills. Her mentoring and guidance has helped me to dramatically improve my ability! I strongly recommend her without any hesitation to anyone at any level for learning Japanese.

Carissa – Consultant, San Francisco

Noguchi-sensei’s online lessons are a great way for me to continue pursuing my passion in Japanese language while maintaining a busy work life as a consultant. Her lessons are highly catered towards my personal interests and career goals, and are just as effective as her in-person lessons. I highly recommend studying under Noguchi-sensei!

Hana – Gallery Owner

Hana – Gallery Owner, Chicago

I am a small business owner and I am taking classes online with Noguchi-sensei. She is very adaptive to my busy schedule, and can coordinate with a time zone difference. Her teaching style is personal and quite different from anything I have experienced. I improved my Japanese skills and now I have confidence in speaking Japanese. I would highly recommend her!

Rickie – Artist, IL

I have learned much more with Noguchi Sensei more quickly than I have with many other language classes, and, having taught English as a second language myself, I understand her real grasp of and talent in effective teaching. I look forward to her classes.

Mirjam – Film Director, Amsterdam

I am a Dutch film director and about to make my second documentary in Japan. For that reason, I have to learn to speak the language. I switched from private lessons in the Netherlands to Noguchi san’s online lessons. Her lessons are good and great fun. She is a teacher at heart: difficult grammar structures become easy to understand. She is energetic and creative. You can improve on fields according your own interests and needs. I’d say go for it!

Prof. S – Medical Doctor, Chicago

These are some short comments from a University Professor concerning my private Japanese sessions with Atsuko Noguchi. She is an excellent instructor, making the weekly sessions interesting. She has a didactic knack for explaining new linguistic paradigms by inventing illustrative examples all the time. I enjoy our meetings.